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ISO 9001 Certification in Ghaziabad


Active companies are driven to deliver value - from the way they operate to the customer service standards they establish and the products they provide. This is a vital vision for constant transformation to increase brand equity and image and ensure you are better equipped to get new opportunities in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

ISO 9001:2015 is a global standard linked to quality management, applicable to any company from all types of business sectors and enterprises. ISO 9001:2015 provides a framework to react to changing quality requirements in balance with society, economics, and environment.

CDG based in India offers certification to a broad range of management system standards with many existing ISO certificates and numerous skilled auditors, CDG Certification is present in many nations with locally deployed certification network in many countries. CDG’s ISO 9001 Certification mark is an internationally recognized symbol of your organization’s ongoing commitment to quality, sustainability, and reliability.

Our auditors have a vast knowledge of specific industry sectors, local directions, markets and language that allows them to provide solutions adapted to your desires. CDG is known by many national and international accreditation bodies across the world.

The ISO 9001:2015 is a universally recognized international standard that specifies a model for a quality management system. The ISO 9001 standard specifies the requirements for organizations to have a set of processes that will ensure a common sense approach to management. ISO 9001 is the world's most recognised quality framework, used by around one million organisations in 190 countries. Whatever the nature of your business, ISO 9001 sets the quality management standard. It can help you raise customer satisfaction, boost staff motivation and create a culture of continual improvement. We provide iso 9001 certificate, iso 9001 certification, iso 9001 registration services in Ghaziabad


• Assures your products and services effectively meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

• Allows you to measure your progress towards continual improvement of business performance creating a benchmark.

• Creation of knowledge database productive exchange of company knowledge.

• Stakeholder and Risk management.

• High-Level Structure (HLS) to easily integrate with more than one standard.

• QMS closely aligned with core business processes.

Consumers are the lifeblood of any enterprise! To keep consumers – and to keep them happy – your product or service must meet their requirements. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification provides a framework for taking a systematic approach to managing your business processes to meet those requirements. It is a set of standard and stable demand for at least next ten years which will provide you not only a standard platform for continuous growth but also a competitive advantage over your competitors.