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ISO Haccp Certification Ghaziabad

ISO Haccp Certification in Ghaziabad


Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) systems are increasingly being used in the food industry and are become a globally accepted method for food safety assurance. The Indian Food Standards Agency recommends HACCP as the most effective way for food businesses to ensure consumer protection.

The HACCP principles developed by the Codex Alimentarius of the World Health Organization demand that active food safety systems are established through the application of the systematic approach to hazard and risk analysis.

The principles of a HACCP system are:

 Description of products

 Description of processes

 Hazard analysis: identifying the potential hazards (i.e., biological, chemical and physical)

 Risk analysis: defining ‘critical control points’ (CCP) and other ‘points of attention’ (POA)

 Control of the critical control points

 Control of any aspects of attention, by general measures

CDG provides an extensive and challenging HACCP assessment and certification service. Our HACCP assessments are designed for companies to demonstrate the effectiveness of the product safety and the critical hygiene components of their operations. We also offer an alternative HACCP estimate service to existing clients that do not require accredited certification, but that still want help from CDG for an assessment of their systems for ensuring food safety. These assessments use the HACCP principles detailed in Codex Alimentarius as reference criteria.

Benefits of HACCP

 Taking a formalized approach to assuring food safety helps a company to demonstrate the commitment to meeting the demands of legislation and customers and may support a due diligence defense.

 Meet Regulations – applying hazard analysis techniques, such as HACCP can help you achieve local food hygiene regulations

 Legal requirements – demonstrate the commitment to meeting the demands of legislation and customers and may support a due persistence defense

 Easy integration – HACCP can easily be integrated with an existing control system, e.g., ISO 9001, diminishing duplication and saving you both time and money

Our food safety assessors and technical experts have some of the most extensive HACCP, ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 skill in the world. Many are selected to provide input into the work of the ISO technical representatives as well as the Foundation for Food Safety Certification and can give first-hand insight into requirements of the standard and the standard’s logic.

CDG’s food safety technical professionals were at the leads of standards improvement and contribution towards HACCP, ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000, giving your company and your supply chain the confidence that you’re working with the market specialized and expert in food safety systems certification