ISO Certification process ghaziabad

ISO Certification process ghaziabad

How to Get ISO Certification in Ghaziabad

Certification Process

APPLICATION PRE-AUDIT The pre-audit is an optional chargeable audit, which is designed to preview the Client's management system for areas of the specifications against which the Client asks for Certification.

STAGE 1 AUDIT CDG Certification will undertake a readiness review to determine the preparedness of Stage 2 of the audit (understanding the requirements, collecting information of the scope of the management system, processes and location of the Client, reviewing the allocation of resources for Stage 2, planning for Stage 2, evaluating the internal audit systems).

STAGE 2 AUDIT CDG Certification will provide an audit programme prior to the commencement of the audit. Our Certification audit team will meet with the Client's management to discuss the details of the audit process and consider possible issues relating to the performance of the audit. The audit team will discuss any nonconformities, observations and opportunities for improvement if and when they are identified during the audit.

ISSUANCE OF CERTIFICATION CDG Certification will issue to the Client Certificate of Approval and Reports if and when all corrective actions agreed between the Client and the audit team have been completed